Web Design

Our web design process is about more than just aesthetics. Our approach aims to create usability solutions that reflect your brand, address your functional needs through technology, and leverage your content to create a unique and engaging user experience.

Our WEB DESIGN Experience

Through years of experience designing and building websites and applications that are used by thousands of people every day, we've come to understand and appreciate how people interact with the technology we build. Our web design and user interface design processes focus on content strategy, information architecture, and the marriage of compelling visual design and functional simplicity and manageability. We make things that work because they're designed to work.

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Responsive WEB Design

The term “responsive web design” is used to describe a website that, through thoughtful design and implementation, is able to scale and reposition itself to suit any screen size, from a large-format TV to a smartphone. In short, responsive design is a critical component of any comprehensive mobile strategy. 

Eastern Standard has been implementing responsive techniques for as long as almost anyone, and we've integrated mobile-friendly approaches into our design and development processes.

Fully Accessible Web Design

We craft each site to best-practice standards, and work to ensure full compliance with ADA and WCAG accessibility guidelines. Our sites have passed thorough internal and external accessibility audits, and we continually strive to make sure that our sites meet and exceed the expected standards.

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